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The market is flooded with various brands when it comes to smartwatches. But most of them do not stand on what they promise or are too expensive to try.

Given the requirement of a person with busy lifestyle requiring managing multiple things, or the one who prefers keeping a track over his fitness goals or anyone who feels better with a regular reminder, smartwatch does a lot. And thus it is important that your watch is not only stylish ( of course it should be stylish too – it’s a smartwatch after all), but is also sturdy to be worn in situations like gym etc. and at the same time has features providing you with the latest technology and compatibility. Above all, the watch should not be expensive enough to pinch your pocket.

Fortunately, now we have one such smartwatch .This new watch is setting goals for its competitors. We are here talking about TechWatch a smart watch which is already a preferred choice of many.  It’s a smart, roust yet trendy watch which is equipped with all the features of a branded watch. And the price! Don’t just think twice because the most important thing, i.e. the price is reasonable and is going to fit your pocket well.

Due to its striking price and amazing features, the watch is giving its competitors a big competition.

If you don’t agree with us, you should read the article below to know what all the amazing watch promises to deliver, how far the users have felt satisfied and is it really worth the praise.

What is TechWatch?

It’s a new smartwatch in the market which aims at making your life much smoother by not only providing you all the features you would expect from such a device but at the same time providing with the quality that is sure to last long. TechWatch connects to your phone and while it allows you to make calls and check messages, it also helps in check your health parameters and do a whole lot more.

If you are into aggressive workouts and require a watch which doesn’t easily get damaged, then TechWatch is going to be the perfect choice for you. The front and back both sides body is made from extra resistant glass making it durable even during the hardest activities.  And if it is robust, at the same time it ensures that it doesn’t make you feel the hardness. It is totally a comfortable wearable. There is a soft comfortable silicon strap that wraps around your wrist perfectly.  So you can easily wear this light weight watch for training or for casual use.

What are the Unique Features of TechWatch?

Read the below points to understand the key properties of TechWatch which makes this job better over others:

  • Enduring Battery Life

One of the nuances with the gadgets is charging them too often or fear the risk of having them switched off just when it is time for the alarm. Your smartwatch should not get discharged midway especially during exercises like exercising, cycling or may be while listening to your favourite music. TechWatch has a massive 3-5 days of battery life (depending on usage) and it only takes 1 hour to charge that too via USB.

  • HD Touch Display is Phenomenal

The HD display screen of the watch is unnoticeable when it is not in use. But when it is, it has very clear colours which make it easy to read your messages even when you are walking.

  • Say no To Sedentary Lifestyle

One of the best parts of the smartwatch is that it comes with a pedometer that you can use to track your steps. Also it can be connected to apps to read and display fitness data. You can refer to the live physical electrocardiograms (ECG) which you can be shared with your doctor in order to have a healthy life.

  • Easy to Operate

The watch is designed in such a way that it is simple and easy to use. It is a user friendly model which does not require ant technical knowledge and can be easily operated by anyone.


Irrespective you have an IOS or an Android phone, it is compatible with products.  It gives you notifications of incoming calls and also for services like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype on your TechWatch.

While the above is what has been claimed by the manufacturers, it is important also to know what the users have to say about the device. Is it really worth all the hype? Is it living up to the set expectations or is it just like any other product?

In order to bring forth you a clear picture of the smartwatch, we went through the reviews by the users as available online and the watch overall seems to be working satisfactorily. Read below the comments of some users which may also give you a better view of the watch.

One user says he wanted something to track the distance and the time taken to cover his running in the morning so that he could know about his personal improvement.  Enthusiastically sharing his experience about the watch he says that this smartwatch really does the job! Now he is able to track his progress in great detail and is also aware of his physical condition each day.

As shared one more user, who used to have an expensive smartwatch was unsatisfied with the often low battery and that’s why she found it useless. She then decided to change her wearable with TechWatch. She happily shares that now she enjoys all TechWatch has to offer without being anxious about the battery level.  

Where to order TechWatch from?

TechWatch can be ordered online on the manufacturer’s website where ordering is quite simple and easy.  Ordering from here ensures that you get only the original.


If you wish to flaunt a smart trendy gadget, or you need to monitor your health vitals, or you need to plan your day well with reminders, you need not think twice about TechWatch.

It’s an easy to use watch. Also for those who are not able to sleep properly, the watch provides a monitoring of your sleep pattern. This helps in making changes to improve your sleep.

Do not forget to check about the offers and discounts available at the time of making purchase.


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